Why Choose Dr. Ulric Bigby for Joint Care

Dr. Ulric Bigby is a renowned orthopedic surgeon with a specialized focus on hip and knee replacement surgeries. His vast experience and deep understanding of joint anatomy enable him to perform complex procedures with precision and ease.

His goal is to help you regain mobility and return to an active lifestyle swiftly and safely. He works closely with his patients to help them optimize their lifestyle.

Specializes in Non-Operative Arthritis Care

Arthritis can be debilitating, but with Dr. Ulric Bigby's non-operative arthritis care, you have the opportunity to experience relief without the need for surgery. 

He offers a range of effective treatments, such as:

Dr. Ulric Bigby will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs, ensuring the best results for you. As your needs change, your treatment plan will be adjusted to continue to ensure the best results.

Skilled in Fracture Treatment

Injuries can happen at any time, and when they do, you need a skilled professional who can provide effective treatment.

Dr. Ulric Bigby is proficient in treating various types of fractures that impact your hips and knees. He will work with you to create a treatment plan that ensures your injury heals correctly and that you are able to regain full functionality of the affected area. Proper treatment can help to ensure 

Prioritizes Minimal Recovery Time

Dr. Ulric Bigby understands the importance of returning to your normal routine as soon as possible after a surgical procedure. He prioritizes non-operative treatments and minimally invasive surgical methods that allow for minimal recovery time. 

His innovative approach, including minimally invasive surgeries and outpatient procedures, ensures a faster recovery for you, allowing you to get back to your life quicker. 

Offers Outpatient Procedures

With the aim to provide patient-centered care, Dr. Ulric Bigby offers outpatient joint replacement surgery. This means you can have your surgery and return to the comfort of your own home a few hours after surgery. 

This is possible due to Dr. Bigby’s multimodal approach to pain control as well as the most current techniques to minimize blood loss.

Provides Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Post-surgery rehabilitation is crucial for recovery, and Dr. Ulric Bigby's practice provides comprehensive physical therapy services. His team of skilled therapists works closely with you and Dr. Bigby to design a personalized therapy plan, ensuring you regain strength and mobility as quickly as possible.

Utilizes Cutting-Edge Technology

Staying at the forefront of medical advancements, Dr. Ulric Bigby incorporates cutting-edge technology into his practice. He uses robotic-assisted technology for knee replacement surgeries, which has been shown to improve surgical precision and accuracy.

He also offers Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for knee arthritis, a treatment method that can improve pain. He is constantly learning and applying new technology to his skill set in order to provide his patients with access to modern and effective techniques. 

Alternative to Injections

Dr. Bigby is one of the first physicians in the area to offer genicular artery embolization. This procedure can decrease pain in an arthritic knee as an alternative to injections or surgery.  

It works by blocking blood flow to the inflamed lining of the arthritic knee, decreasing the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Although this procedure is relatively new, it has shown promise as an alternative to injections and knee replacement surgery.

Work with Dr. Ulric Bigby

Choosing Dr. Ulric Bigby for your orthopedic needs means choosing comprehensive joint care delivered with expertise, compassion, and advanced medical practices. Let him guide you on your path to faster recovery and lasting mobility.

You can request an appointment with Dr. Ulric Bigby online, or you can call one of his three locations and schedule an appointment:

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