Anterior Hip Replacement

Anterior hip replacement is a modern surgical technique that replaces your damaged hip joint with an artificial one without cutting any muscles, providing relief from pain and restoring mobility.

The surgery is performed through the front of the hip instead of the back. This approach is considered a breakthrough in orthopedics and is commonly used by surgeons like Dr. Ulric Bigby.

The Procedure

Dr. Ulric Bigby performs the surgery under regional or general anesthesia. He makes an incision starting from the bony prominence in front of your pelvis towards the outer side of your kneecap. 

The tissues are separated instead of being cut, to reach the joint capsule. The joint capsule is removed. After that, your surgeon will cut and remove the ball of femur. This helps to expose the socket. 

Once the acetabular socket is exposed, the damaged part of it is removed. Then, a cup, composed of a metal alloy and plastic, is either press-fitted into the socket or secured with screws.

Next, the rest of your new hip is installed. This consists of a stem made of metallic alloy that is attached to the femur. Then, a prosthetic head is placed on the stem. The prosthetic head is designed to replace the natural head of the femur. 

Benefits of Anterior Hip Replacement

There are many benefits of using the anterior hip replacement technique. 

  • Less postoperative pain: Because fewer tissues are separated during the procedure, you'll experience less pain after surgery.
  • Faster recovery: You can start walking with crutches within a few hours after the procedure.
  • Precise placement of the implant: Anterior approach allows for X-ray use during surgery, ensuring accurate placement of the implant.
  • Reduced rate of dislocation: Compared to other approaches, the anterior approach shows a reduced rate of hip dislocation, the most common complication after hip replacement.

Are you a candidate for anterior hip replacement?

The anterior approach is not suitable for all patients. Generally, people with hip pain due to conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis, injury, fracture, or bone tumors may benefit from this procedure. 

If non-surgical treatments like exercise, walking aids, and medications haven't relieved your pain, this surgery might be a good option for you. However, it's essential to have a detailed discussion with Dr. Bigby to determine the best approach for your specific condition.

Risks of Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

While anterior hip replacement surgery is generally considered safe, it does carry certain risks that patients should be aware of. 

Possible Complications

  • Infection: There is a chance of infection either superficially on the incision wound or deep within the tissues.
  • Bleeding: Some patients may experience bleeding post-surgery.
  • Blood Clots: In some patients, clots will develop in the leg veins. These clots can possibly travel to the lungs and have life-threatening implications.
  • Injury to Nearby Nerves: There is a possibility of damage to the nerves surrounding the hip joint.
  • Hip Joint Dislocation: Especially during the initial recovery period, the ball may come out of the socket, dislocating the joint. 
  • Leg Length Changes: Some patients may experience shortening or lengthening of the leg post-surgery.
  • Loosening of the Joint: The artificial hip joint may become loose, particularly if the patient engages in high-impact activities after the surgery.

Additionally, there is a slight risk that the surgery may not alleviate your pain or improve your mobility. In rare cases, people may develop new pain or experience reduced mobility after surgery.

Before undergoing anterior hip replacement surgery, it's critical to discuss any concerns with Dr. Ulric Bigby. He will provide detailed information tailored to your health history and current condition. 

Anterior Hip Replacement in Maryland

Choosing Dr. Ulric Bigby for your anterior hip replacement means choosing comprehensive joint care delivered with expertise, compassion, and advanced medical practices. Let him guide you on your path to faster recovery and lasting mobility. 

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