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Dr. Ulric Bigby specializes in the treatment of diverse orthopedic conditions. As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ulric Bigby brings almost a decade of expertise to provide comprehensive care and treatment for various musculoskeletal health issues.

Led by Dr. Bigby, our dedicated team focuses on addressing joint, bone, and injury-related conditions and soft-tissue disorders. 

Joint and Bone Conditions

Joint and bone conditions can impact your range of motion, leading to symptoms such as swelling, pain, stiffness, and limited mobility. Joints and bones are crucial for providing the body with its physical capabilities. Together, these components facilitate activities like walking, running, jumping, climbing, dancing, and swimming.

Joint and bone health is crucial, especially during your senior years. Neglecting their care can lead to chronic pains and potential health issues, such as arthritis, fractures, and hip and knee pain. Dealing with any of these conditions can significantly impact the quality of your life.

Addressing these conditions is crucial to avoid further complications and restore mobility. Treating joint and bone conditions may include physical therapy, medication, and self-care. Severe cases may require surgical intervention. 

Dr. Ulric Bigby offers comprehensive treatments for various joint and bone conditions, utilizing both surgical and non-surgical approaches.

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Injury-Related Conditions

Injuries to the musculoskeletal system are a common occurrence among people of all age groups and lifestyles. Whether it's an accident, sports, or the routine demands of work and daily activities, you can sustain an injury in plenty of ways. 

Workplace injuries, sprains, fractures, ligament and tendon tears, as well as joint dislocations, are among the common injury-related conditions.

Some orthopedic injuries are more common than others. Neglect or insufficient care of the injuries can lead to the development of other injuries-related conditions. 

Understanding your injuries' causes, symptoms, and treatment is essential to maintain your mobility and overall well-being. Dr. Ulric Bigby offers comprehensive care and treatments for various injuries and injury-related conditions.

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Soft-Tissue Disorders

Soft tissue disorders are common musculoskeletal pain syndromes affecting periarticular tissues, including muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These disorders may be a result of injury or symptoms of underlying health conditions. Signs of soft tissue disorders include tenderness, pain, loss of active motion, and swelling in the affected area.

The most commonly injured soft tissues are muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Overexertion and injuries during sports and exercise can cause soft tissue damage.

Many everyday activities can also lead to soft-tissue damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The result can be pain, swelling, bruising, and structural damage. Conditions such as tendonitis and bursitis are common soft-tissue disorders.

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Treatment for Orthopedic Conditions in Maryland

With nearly a decade of experience, Dr. Ulric Bigby specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatment of various orthopedic conditions. 

Dr. Bigby's patient-centered approach focuses on providing comprehensive care and personalized treatment for your condition and needs. 

You can request an appointment with Dr. Bigby online, or you can call one of his three locations and schedule an appointment:

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